Parenting Workshop & Support Group

Where parents discover new ideas,

the confidence to use them,

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Ready to try something different?

We all know the battles — over homework and bedtime, cleaning-up and curfews, screen time and family time. We care, so we struggle.

This workshop and support group believes that you are already doing better than you think you are, and that you don’t need anyone to tell you what to do. But rather, all parents can benefit from a place where we can be thoughtful of our parenting and explore new ways of handling old problems. Sessions are informal and upbeat, but structured and focused. We will use visual, experiential and traditional lecture/discussions techniques. The group will grow to fit the personalities and needs of the participants.

 A Skills Workshop …

In this group parents will explore a variety of approaches to develop responsibility and character in their children. We will look both at the day-to-day routines and environment in which we surround our children, and the ways we handle problematic behaviors and power struggles. In addition to learning from each other, we will draw upon the widely-acclaimed Becoming a Love and Logic Parent® curriculum ( We will discover how to share control when we can, use enforceable consequences when we need to, and save our breath and let life do the teaching whenever possible. And when our kids throw fits we will know how to handle ourselves and avoid the usual power struggles.

 … and a Support Group

In this class we honor the parent. The emotional challenges we face within ourselves and with our children are exhausting and demand that we find ways to keep our emotional batteries charged. Too often, parenting classes teach the skills and strategies that parents should utilize and assume that parents can simply go home and apply them; there is little appreciation for how difficult it is to parent. We will stumble, but together we will learn from our mistakes and cultivate more effective and less stressful parenting habits.

 Who should join this group?

Parents of children from 2 to 20 can benefit from the support and skills offered in this group. If you are feeling inadequate as a parent, you are not alone. This group is designed specifically to create a safe place where sharing our parenting foibles is not only welcome, but encouraged. It is only through honest reflection of our mistakes in a supportive environment that we learn and create more effective ways to parent – ways that fit our personality, our values, and our household.

About the Instructor

Matt Case is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice who has taught parenting skills to his clients for over 10 years. As the father of four, ranging in age from 9 to 25, he brings a wealth of personal experience – and humility – to his classes.

Please call Matt at (336) 775-7881 if you have questions.

Costs and Insurance Coverage

The cost for the 6-week, 9-hour program is $150 due at the first session. If two caregivers of the same child attend, they will receive a 10 percent discount. Most insurance plans will cover this group; we can file with your insurance and reimburse you for the covered portion (copays, deductibles and annual visit-caps will still apply). We also offer financial assistance if you are unable to afford the full cost.


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