A present, focused mind is a happy mind

When are humans most happy? To gather data on this question, Matt Killingsworth built an app, Track Your Happiness, that let people report their feelings in real time. Among the surprising results: We’re often happiest when we’re lost in the moment. And the flip side: The more our mind wanders, the less happy we can be. (Filmed at TEDxCambridge.)

Matt Killingsworth talk (10 minute video)

The strength of vulnerability

Let’s face it, we all all imagine a time when we “have it together” and we are “on our game” and in control of our lives. However, Brene Brown’s research underscores that living a whole hearted life, is only as possible as our capacity for feeling vulnerable.  She asks, “Is it possible to do a courageous act without feeling vulnerable?” Below is a wonderful radio interview and a video with this engaging woman.

Brene Brown On Being interview (radio show)

Brene Brown TED Lecture (video)

Learning to struggle for smarts

How can we instill in our kids a greater capacity to struggle and not give up? As this piece illustrates, it is part of the educational culture in many eastern schools (listen to the wonderful anecdote about the kid trying to draw a cube in front of his classmates). Perhaps we can learn something from our friends on the other side of the globe?
Struggle for Smarts? (NPR Radio Show, 8 minutes)